10 Tweets From Synthetics That Are Woke AF

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Synthetics are officially #woke - here are 10 tweets proving it.

1. This synth has had enough of organic nonsense

2. When organics = trash

3. Sometimes woke truth isn’t pretty

4. This AI knows what’s up…

5. Brb just need to find something cold to apply to this synth burn

6. EDI’s #StayingWoke

7. This Lumia is maybe a little too woke?

8. This synth is playing the long game

9. #WokeConsensus

10. GLAADOS5 living her best life

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8 Awakened Empires That You'll Relate To If You Struggle Waking Up

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Is there anything worse than waking up?

If it’s something you struggle with, you’re not alone.

These Fallen Empire species have just woke and they share your pain.

1. When someone accidentally wake you and the only measured response is to go full jingoistic reclamation on the galaxy

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2. When you awake early in the galactic cycle, but decide to just stay in your home system browsing social media for a few decades

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3. When you wake up and it’s just not possible to open your eyes, but then you remember you don’t have eyes

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4. When you wake up early in the morning and sit on the edge of your bed like

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5. When you wake up and display the five stages of wakening: 1. Extreme Agitation, 2. Extreme Agitation, 3. Extreme Agitation, 4. Extreme Agitation, 5. Extreme Agitation…

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6. That feeling when you’ve got doctrinal enforcing to do at 10am but it’s a Sunday

7. When you seriously consider only building Gateways in the hope that you might accidentally travel back to a time when you weren’t awake

8. That feeling when you’ve at 3 millenia of sleep but still don’t feel refreshed on wakening

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