Fanatic purifiers extend shock white peace offer, state 'warscore is hell'

Cevas, Cevant, Cevanti Empire

In an unprecedented move the Cevanti Empire, a spacenation of reptilian fanatic purifiers, has extended an offer of white peace to its current enemy, the neighbouring Yndari Foundation, an irenic monarchy of molloscoid pacifists.

The surprise conflict was initiated by the Cevanti last month with the stated intent of annexing Yndari territory to allow commencement of what the Cevanti State Department described as 'xeno purges'.

Despite crippling the Yndari's vastly inferior fleets and occupying their homeworld of Ylvis after a stunning shock and awe display of armaggeddon bombardment, the Cevanti's demands for full annexation of Yndari were denied by independent Galactic UN observers due to 'warscore issues.'

Picture: Cevanti officials meet with Yndari officials to discuss the terms of their victory, before being denied due to 'warscore issues'

Picture: Cevanti officials meet with Yndari officials to discuss the terms of their victory, before being denied due to 'warscore issues'

Vag'Nu, a Cevanti Empire representative, explained to our newsteam;

"This warscore thing is hell. We want to annex all 10 Yndari planets to allow efficient purging of all xeno scum. We've wiped out their entire defence system and subjugated their pathetic capitol planet - we've won. But the Galactic UN observers state our current gains only equate to a warscore of 50%. I couln't even tell you what this actually means, but I got given a chart and it shows we're allowed to either humiliate them or cleanse two new colonies. And get this - even if we occupy all 10 planets, the most we can take per war is about 4. So we get locked into a peace treaty we don't even recognize, and have to wait another decade before we can complete our planned genocide. Do they think we have time to vassalize and integrate? Do we look like the kind of species that want to integrate molloscoids? We've decided the most cost effective approach is to white peace, withdraw our forces and covert to pacifism."

The current warscore system (the 'Universal Warscore System' or UWS for short) was created in 2100 by the Galactic UN as a way of arbitrating over regional conflicts. It sets out a series of binding rules that all species must follow regardless of ethos. These include publically declaring predefined goals before conflict, disallowing large empires to be completely annexed even with 100% warscore, and the enforcement of unbreakable peace treaties.

The UWS has faced harsh criticism from military spacenations who view the charter as highly restrictive, as Saiiban Hive Mind Drone 19005 told our newsteam;

"I am a physical extension of the Saiiban Hive Mind. We are one. We appeal to the Galactic UN to ease restrictions on the UWS. In its current form it is making it difficult to indoctrinate all organic lifeforms into the Hive Mind through conquest. We do not wish to have 300 small wars. We just wish to have one great one. More truth is not possible. We are one."

The Galactic UN has stated it cannot comment specifically on the Cevanti-Yndari conflict, but that it is looking to overhaul the UWS in coming years, as soon as other pan-galactic issues like trade and espionage are addressed.

Yndari leader Ynas Osar was not available to comment due to recently being executed by Cevanti forces on an eyeStream scheduled to be broadcast later tonight on Xenonion 1.

> More accurate reporting from Ashley Easterbrook could not be possible.