Royal Family Confirm Prince to Wed Prethoryn Queen

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Prince Harren IV of the Habsburg dynasty has said he knew The Prethoryn Queen was “the one” from the moment they met, as the couple made their first public appearance since the announcement of their engagement.

The Prince, 33, declared he is “thrilled” as he and the Queen, a xeno of unknown age and species, posed for an open-air photocall at the Grand Habsburg Palace.

Their surprise engagement was confirmed yesterday by Empress Maria Theresa XIV, current reigning monarch on the planet of Habsburgia, with a statement saying the couple will marry early next week.

Image: The happy couple give an exclusive interview to our sister magazine HAK!

Image: The happy couple give an exclusive interview to our sister magazine HAK!

Second in line to the Habsburg throne, Harren has been dating the Prethoryn Queen for almost four weeks. Their whirlwind romance has shocked the staunchly pro-human one-planet minor of Habsburgia, especially as it comes only one week after Harren's beloved sister-bride-to-be Maria Theresa XV died under suspicious circumstances.

Harren is said to have met The Prethoryn Queen while undertaking humanitarian work in the Outer Rim, which has been decimated by the ongoing Unbidden invasion. There he came across a new species referring to themselves as ‘The Prethoryn Vanguards’, who introduced the pair.

Celebrity magazine HAK! met with the happy couple for an exclusive interview.

The Prethoryn Queen, while silent except for intermittently vocalizing "HAK", appeared stunning wearing a beautiful silver tiara above her giant bulging eye. Her tendrils were beautifully manicured, visibly wrapped around Harren's torso, and seemingly protruding into his spinal cord via the base of his skull.

The prince, with a glazed look of excitement, stated:

"I am overjoyed. From the moment my Queen penetrated my cervical spine I knew I had to marry her over my sister. I know I must grant her all my landed titles, once I ascend to the throne following my mother and brother disappearing in a tragic hunting accident. I know she will use her power for good, to pit the lesser species against each other, to distract them from the coming storm."

Habsburgia sits on the border of the United Nations of Earth (UNE) and unclaimed space. Governed as an independent irenic monarchy, it was settled in 2090 by descendants of the Habsburg family, an ancient dynasty that previously presided over Earth's largest power in the pre-industrial era, the Holy Roman Empire (HRE).

Earth’s current indirect democracy has not officially recognised the monarchy since its democratization 700 years ago, but despite this the Habsburg dysnasty has flourished, maintaining significant prestige and wealth. With the advent of FTL travel by 2070, they launched a private colony ship towards the Strohl System, with a view to founding a colony and re-establishing their rule. Over 80 years later the colony has been a moderate success, and now has a population of 250,000 humans.

While the UNE has never given its explicit blessing to the Habsburgia project, it tolerates its existence on the condition the planet pays taxation fees to Earth in line with other human colonies.

The galaxy has reacted positively to the news of the engagement, with politicians and high-profile figures offering congratulations. UNE president Jeffrey Rossario stated he was "delighted for the couple and wished them +1 stability."

The couple's full interview will be broadcast later this evening on an exclusive episode of Stars In The Stars.

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