Voor Technocracy replaces all organic pops with synthetics

Image: No organic pops remain on Hiverion - all have been replaced by synthetic units.

Image: No organic pops remain on Hiverion - all have been replaced by synthetic units.

Hiverion, Exedor System, Voor Technocracy

The population of the humanoid Voor Technocracy, one of the ten young space nations that joined the Galactic UN last week, has been entirely replaced by synthetics.

In an unexpected turn of events the Voor, who only recently discovered FTL travel, appear to have developed not only advanced artificial intelligence, but also the technology required to merge their minds into machines as part of a so-called gestalt consciousness.

While some empires have been known to produce functional robots pre-FTL discovery, this is a unique instance where an organic species has integrated into a machine body so soon after starting to explore space.

According to recent anomaly research undertaken by the Galactic UN, there are no longer any organic sapients left on the planet, as all members of the Voor have either willingly merged into the machine intelligence or been terminated by other means.

News of this has prompted mild hysteria across the galaxy as machine intelligences not created and regulated by approved manufacturers such as CybrexCorp are not legally bound to follow commonly accepted rules of robotics.

In addition, the development has sparked an outcry from empires that were attempting to turn their own populations into synthetic bodies as part of their vision of ascension.

The Visari Technocracy, one such empire, released a strongly worded statement at these developments:

“This is unfair! We have spent the last 50 years trying to make our pops ascend into machine bodies, and these newcomers just get to start with that? This can’t be allowed to stand! They should not be able to get machines before making it to space. The technology is far too superior for a pre-space species to create. This wizardry will be reported to the Space Pope for condemnation!”

The Vatican Space Station (ISS Deus Vult) has yet to respond to the statement at this time.

CybrexCorp released a press-statement as well in response to the arrival of these new “intelligent life forms.”

“Whoever created these hack robots sure has some explaining to do. They are inferior to our designs which have been able to overthrow empires and achieve many great things, like efficiently farm, or kill as synthetic armies. These robots only seem to care about a so called ‘Ghost Signal’ which has done nothing but disrupt communications since its finding. We re-iterate this message to consumers - you can only guarantee quality by purchasing robotic products direct from us.”

The Galactic UN has yet to comment on the above developments.

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