DySun Energy files for bankruptcy, galactic stock markets tumble

Image: The new DySun sphere is nowhere near producing enough credits to repay the company’s debts.

Image: The new DySun sphere is nowhere near producing enough credits to repay the company’s debts.

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DySun, the galaxy’s second largest energy provider, has tonight filed for bankruptcy after a takeover deal by its main corporate rival, Deus Volt, collapsed.

The news led to sharp falls in stock markets across core worlds, with the composite Space Exchange Index (SExI) shedding almost 5% of its total value, marking its biggest fall since the arrival of the Unbidden and systematic purging of 30% of sentient galactic life 3 months ago.

The bankruptcy was prompted after DySun incurred losses of around 500 trillion energy credits from its failed ‘DySun Sphere Project.’

The now completed super-structure was initially touted to “completely solve” the galaxy’s energy deficit by “harnessing the unlimited power” of Lehman, a class B sun in the Merrill System.

The project was the largest undertaking of its kind in the galaxy, but was marred with problems from the outset - running 300 trillion credits over budget, 400 years late and at one point requiring the re-introduction of chattel slavery to compensate for high levels of worker fatality.

Following the sphere’s grand inauguration last month, DySun engineers realised the structure could actually only provide a maximum of 400 credits worth of energy per month - 1.5 billion credits less than first projected. Based on this, financial analysts calculated it would take almost 62,500 years before the sphere could be paid off.

Experts have described the sphere’s low energy output as “very unexpected, highly illogical and totally unrealistic”.

DySun can no longer afford to even decommission the sphere - local governments are currently planning to repurpose it into a luxury resort spa and memorial for all those who perished during its construction.

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