Billions dead after sector governor wrongly terraforms colonized planets

Image: This far the only confirmed survivors are the former workers of the space ports

Image: This far the only confirmed survivors are the former workers of the space ports

Pcuss Prime, Saryara System, Pcuss Star Congress

At least 14.3 billion Pcussian citizens are feared dead after a rogue sector governor terraformed 3 colonized worlds into biomes incompatible with existing life forms.

The multiple terraforming projects took place in the planet heavy system of Zendaya and completed simultaneously this morning, causing cataclysmic ecosystem collapse.

In a press release moments ago, Pcussian president P’Frr stated:

“This is a dark hour for the Pcuss Star Congress. The Zendaya Sector has been completely annihilated following the actions of Governor P’Latt, who has been confirmed dead alongside billions of our fellow citizens.

For reasons we cannot yet comprehend, Governor P’Latt took it upon himself to terraform three pristine continental worlds into arid wastelands. Horrifically, when the terraforming completed, the atmospheres on all of these worlds collapsed, asphyxiating anything organic above ground.

This process began 3 years ago, and was hidden from Central Congress. We had absolutely no indication or notification this was happening, other than P’Latt requesting 50,000 extra energy credits in financial support for the sector every week.

We will rebuild, we will persevere, we will change our government notification system to filter out spam – but for now we must remember those we have lost.”

P’Latt had been appointed to governorship 3 and a half years ago, and was widely rumoured to be inexperienced and substance misusing.

Pcussian rescue teams are currently combing the remains of the former worlds to see if any survivors were able to make it airlocks below ground, but their prognosis remains extremely guarded.

The Pcussian Star Congress has revoked all sector authority, and declared a 70 year period of mourning.

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