Pacifist Empire Elects S875.1 Warform as Leader

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The Skrell Empire has sworn in its first non-organic leader, the S875.1 Warform, who has pledged to be a ‘Champion of the People.’

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The technocratic Skrell leadership caste elected the S875.1 by a clear majority, as Representative Knellnar told Xenonion News:

“The S875.1 Warform is the best leadership candidate we’ve had on the ballot for years. It boasts the advantage of complex learning algorithms, and super-fast neural net connections and a top of the range holographic interface. That’s all polled really well with our focus groups. And, it’s got a decorated military history with our peace-keeping navy, which polls even better.”

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The materialist and pacifist inclined Skrell discovered the S875.1 over 30 years ago when a science expedition in the Outer Rim happened upon the abandoned Corvette it was stored in.

Upon reactivation of the ship the S875.1 pledged its service, and it’s 400-power Corvette, to the Skrell navy.

Unfortunately due to design incompatibility, the ship was unable to be integrated into any Skrell fleets. As such the S875.1 was tasked with the solo mission of destroying a nearby Scavenger leviathan. Unexpectedly, the ship was lost and the S875.1 was thought to have perished.

Unknown to Skrell leadership however, while the physical hull of the S875.1 Warform had been destroyed, the bot commanding it had managed to successfully return to the pool of admirals awaiting further duty, where it remained unnoticed for 25 years until suddenly being elected today.

Little is known about the background of the S875.1, or its vision for the future of the Skrell Empire, but this has not deterred officials like Knellnar, who continued;

“From its rock-bottom fate in the ashes of a dead world for 379,000,000 years, to being thought dead in what was such a terrible tragedy with the Scavenger, to rising through government to be elected ruler, truly the S875.1 Warform shows us that being a semi-intelligent machine designed only for warfare should not stop one from aspiring to the highest position of power in a pacifistic technocracy, and becoming loved by the entire nation on the way."

On being asked as to whether she was worried about the S875.1 seeking retribution for being sent alone on such a risky mission, Knellnar laughed; “no… truly, none of us could have ever predicted such an adverse outcome…”

The S875.1 has thus far declined to comment on its election, opting instead to beep quietly, and somewhat menacingly, in a dark corner of the Skrell Congress building.

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*inspired by idea from Dr. D.R.

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