Fleet Needs Upgrading Again

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The Tzynn Empire’s attempts to engage rampaging pirates was again thwarted today after its entire military fleet was grounded for further upgrades.

The thirty corvettes and ten destroyers were commissioned less than a year ago, but engineers have struggled to keep pace with rapid technological change, upgrading ship armor, shields, engines and attack systems on almost a daily basis.

Today’s upgrade will see the ships fitted with the recently researched Plasteel Armor. At a cost of 325 alloys it boasts mild benefits compared to the Ceramo-Metal Armor that was installed just last week after an extensive nine-month retrofitting.

Militarist factions have criticized Tzynn Fleet Command for authorizing the upgrade, highlighting that the absence of regular fleet patrols appear to be emboldening pirate attacks on peripheral systems. Retired Tzynn Admiral Raxeg told Xenonion News;

“This whole situation is outrageous. The continual upgrades mean our primary fleet has never undocked from its home base, which is infuriating as, unlike other empires, we can actually afford to do that. The government is going to have to accept at some point the ships are combat ready, or as I keep petitioning our science department, just stop researching military tech for a couple of months.”

Image: Tzynn Admital Raxeg.

A spokesperson for the Tzynn government, Samux, told Xenonion News;

“These scheduled upgrades are vitally important for keeping our ships up-to-date with the latest technology, which means we’re more likely to win battles… if we can ever actually get to them. Plus, it’s like suuuper annoying to have that little upgrade icon keep popping up on our fleet manager screen. Like, you get rid of it, and then it just pops back up - the longer it’s left, the more times you have to click it. We’re really trying to keep on top of it.”

Image: Tzynn government spokesperson Samux.

Samux went on to stress that he was confident in the Tzynn’s military capabilities, stating; “we’ve only lost 16 systems to pirates, and only three of them had inhabited planets.”

The Tzynn Empire estimates its fleet will be completely upgraded at some point within the next three hundred years.

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