Area planet accidentally insults fallen empire

Image: Supreme Coo addresses issues a press release from High Nest.

News Corvette, Zantaris System, Caawian Cooperative

Galactic diplomats are scrambling this Thursday to try and minimize metaphorical and physical fall-out after a local area planet accidentally insulted the millennia old Vroth Combine, a notoriously aggressive stagnant ascendancy.

The insult was issued from High Nest, the only planet of the newly formed Caawian Cooperative, an Avian bureaucracy that surreptitiously discovered FTL 2 months ago.

In an official press release this morning, Caawian Cooperative Leader Supreme Coo explained:

"Well this is all very awkward. We're new to the galactic neighbourhood, and were just trying to flex our wings. Unfortunately it took us some time to register that the Vroth weren't pre-sentient reptilian species as we were initially led to believe.

We've tried to establish an embassy, but apparently there's some sort of galactic ban on them now?

But no worries, I'm sure our new fleet of 5 corvettes will keep us safe."

The press conference was cut short after Coo became distracted by a shiny object and began furiously pecking at it.

The Vroth have not yet responded diplomatically, but unconfirmed reports have begun filtering through the neural net that several of their 200k battleship fleets have begun to amass outside Caawian borders.

Our news team reached out to High Nest for a further statement on the above, but unfortunately all comm links in the area have been severed.

> More accurate reporting from Ashley Easterbrook could not be possible.