Area colony faces food shortage for no apparent reason

Image: Desperate Avalon residents face a daunting food shortage.

Terra Nova, Alpha Centauri, United Nations of Earth

The newly established human colony of Avalon in the Alpha Centauri system has appealed directly to Earth's government for help as it struggles to cope with an acute shortage of food.

Concerns regarding food shortages were first raised 1 month ago following a boom in Avalon's population from 1 to 2. It has since been exacerbated following Alpha Centauri sector governor Emilio Hermes' recent decision to demolish all existing hydroponic farms on the planet and replace them with mineral silos.

The two other planets in the Alpha Centauri system, New Coventry and Terra Nova, both have +10 food surpluses each and questions have been raised by Avalon colonists as to why they cannot send aid.

While touring aboard the UNE corvette flagship Ariana Grande, governor Hermes issued the following statement:

"Yes, I am aware Avalon currently has a -1 food deficit, while neighboring planets are drowning in excesses of food. The simple fact is while we have discovered space travel, we are still in the dark ages when it comes to transporting anything other than people, let alone foodstuffs. Now if you don't mind, I'm really keen to see the hull of the Ariana Grande."

Avalon colonists report they will continue to lobby Earth to invest in DLC or underground black market mods to allow the transfer of food between planets.

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