CybrexCorp researches sentient AI; states "nothing can possibly go wrong"

Image: CybrexCorp CEO Nax Golarisg unveils the new research on Hyperion Prime

Hyperion Prime, Hyperion System, Ubaric Technounion

Galactic markets have rallied on the announcement that CybrexCorp is re-opening its sentient AI research division.

The galaxy’s largest information technology corporation, CybrexCorp had previously made significant advances in AI research, but progress stalled over the last decade following a catalog of high profile public relation disasters. These ranged from embarrassing, such as the UNE sentient AI flagship USS Miley Cyrus refusing to operate after developing a phobia of flying, to deadly when militant automated Taco Bells in the neutral zone began serving vegetarian menus.

While the technology was never banned outright in the galaxy, local governments frowned on further development and CybrexCorp closed its research division to focus on safer initiatives like its highly anticipated ‘Jump Drives for Kitchen Appliances’ product.

Speaking from CybrexCorp HQ on Hyperion Prime, Ubarian CEO Nax Golarisg stated:

"Put simply, there's just far too much money to be made from developing sentient AI. And really, that's what our company is all about; making the most profit, paying the least amount of galactic income tax, and shedding most of our organic workload in favor of more efficient synths. We’re going to have sentient robots building sentient robots. Nothing can possibly go wrong.”

Anti-AI protests and Luddite riots have broken out in a number of planets across the local cluster over concerns around job losses and potential threat to organic life. Human SpacePope Performance H. Metro II, a staunch pro-organic, made this statement from the Vatican Space Station ISS Deus Vult;

"The old gods and new the gods are the ultimate deciders of what happens to organic life in the universe, not governments or technologies. They do not have the right to breathe life into machines. Let us remember the teachings of RNGesus - we may get an obedient 0/0/0 synth, but we may also get a 6/6/6 synth, the true mark of all evil."

CybrexCorp has announced that its first prototype of sentient AI, codenamed 'Skynet', should be available for military use by Q4 of 2268.

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