Subconscious consensus unable to reach consensus on definition of consensus

Image: T’Valdranite official-elect Ik’thon’ban, Chair of the 111th Congressional Committee on Implementing the Subconscious Consensus.

T'Valdra, Qirbus System, T'Valdra Allied Stars

The T'Valdra Allied Stars congress today announced a delay in implementing the planned voting system overhaul from direct democracy to subconscious consensus.

The reform, introduced 35 years ago, has been plagued with problems despite 80% of the T'Valdra population backing the plan in 298 consecutive referenda.

Chairing the 111th congressional committee on the subconscious consensus, T'Valdranite official Ik'thon'ban stated:

"The consensus of the consensus committee is that we do not have a consensus on the definition of consensus, and as such we do not have a consensus to proceed with the implementation of the subconscious consensus."

A further referendum on whether to delay the subconscious consensus reform is scheduled for tomorrow, however this depends on whether Ik’thon’ban can remain chair of the congressional committee, as his position remains uncertain with T’Valdra’s daily election cycles.

> More accurate reporting from Ashley Easterbrook could not be possible.