High Queen not informed about native rebellion on sector-governed world

Image: Two Linneaus natives and a squadron of drones conduct a raid on a Luuhma mining network.

Image: Two Linneaus natives and a squadron of drones conduct a raid on a Luuhma mining network.

Linneaus World, Olimar System, Luuhma Combine

After months of strikes and protests, the native plantoid population of Linneaus has taken up arms and besieged the planet’s administration facilities early Wednesday morning. The natives, which call themselves ‘Dussin’, have struggled with stellar culture shock since their integration into the Luuhma Combine began three years ago. Over the last six months there have been a total of five strikes and three demonstrations in the name of vegetable rights.

Unfortunately for the protesters, their planet is located in a sector and governed mostly through sector management. Thus, word of the rioting plantoids never reached the High Queen, Ehdr den Luuhma.

However, this may have changed since yesterday, when several Dussin rebels armed themselves with stolen Hunter-Killer Drones and marched on the planetary capital. The Queen has yet to make a statements regarding the rebellion, but the rebels are convinced that they will have soon gained enough notoriety to catch her attention.

The infamous Buttercup Huckleberry, esteemed leader of the rebels, explained the motivation of the rebels in an exclusive interview with our newsteam:

"We didn't want it to turn out this violent, we never did. But the government just wouldn't listen. We knew we had to do something drastic to get their attention.

For years we have demanded new legislation to put an end to the oppression of genetically-enhanced vegetables. Our peaceful protests proved to be insufficient, so now we have taken up arms against the oppressors! Personally, I consider it to be our duty to fight for all the plants who can not fight for themselves."

Huckleberry’s enthusiasm was repeatedly reaffirmed by her continuous shaking of her leaves, but she answered the questions calmly and with little hesitation.

"Our long term goal is to have vegetables accepted as leaders, but we understand that is a big change. For now, we will settle for full citizenship for all GMO-plants, just like they [the government] were considering for Artificial Intelligence."

When asked how the rebels plan to make this happen, Huckleberry sat silent for a moment before answering.

"I'm not very well-read in politics and stuff but I guess some government officials will take up this matter with the Queen. Or perhaps they can change that policy without asking the Queen… It doesn't really matter; all I know is that we’ll keep the capital under siege until new legislation has been passed. We will never give up on our cause!"

When contacted by our newsteam, representatives from the Luuhma Combine denied that a rebellion was occurring on Linneaus. No further response has been issued by the Luuhma Combine or Queen.

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