Blorgata issues recall of Tawagoto corvettes

Image: A Blorgata corvette commercial

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Corvette manufacturer Blorgata announced today that it is recalling all 38,000 of its new Tawagoto-class corvettes due to concerns over faulty airbags.

In a statement released this morning, the company reported:

"Internal company safety checks have revealed that the airbag deployment system used in some Tawagotos is defective. In these cases, airbags are prematurely deploying and then repeatedly inflating and deflating, in a somewhat rhythmic, somewhat mocking manner. This has led to a number of serious incidents on the bridge of some corvettes wherein the captain or first officer has been rendered incapacitated by rogue airbags. While there have been no recorded fatalities, maintaining share prices is our primary concern here so as such we think it prudent to recall all Tawagoto models manufactured in 2246."

The Tawagoto is the newest model of corvette developed by Blorgata, Blorg Prime's largest company, and has been heavily marketed for civilian space traffic, being branded as an affordable alternative to Kosmoswagon’s Das Space Auto.

Image: A recent commercial featuring the Tawagoto

Consumers from across the galaxy have reacted angrily to news of the recall. Kelly Jones, a Blorg from St. Knatchbull who recently bought a Tawagoto told us:

"This is just ridiculous. I spent 300,000,000 credits to buy a nice corvette so I could drop my kids off at the hatchery on Blorg Prime. Sure, it doesn't fit in our driveway because it weighs 13 million tonnes and seats 3,000, but that's the beauty of owning a corvette! To be told myself or my spawn could have been mildly injured by an airbag having a spasm is just unacceptable. I will be seeking legal recourse."

Blorgata shares have dropped sharply on the Space Exchange Index (SExI) following news on the recall.

> More accurate reporting from Ashley Easterbrook could not be possible.