Overlord outraged over request to trade FTL-technologies with vassal

Hudaar Prime, Pharrim System, Hudaar Reach

Emissaries from the Hudaar Reach have confirmed this Monday that their subject, the Veenoy Dominion, has been released and a rivalry declared.

Unconfirmed reports of the diplomatic break began filtering through a number of hours ago, and remained a mystery until High Chief Weeal of Hudaar called a press conference and stated:

"In our thousand years of existence, the Hudaar species have never been so offended. We have ruled benevolently over tens of vassals without issue. But today, one of our youngest vassals broke all manners of diplomatic tradition and logic. They approached us and asked us to, [lengthy pause], trade FTL technologies."

The press conference was cut short due to commotion and shock within the predominantly Hudaarian press pool.

The Huudar Reach uses an advanced form of Hyperlane FTL, while the Veenoy Dominion utilises a rudimentary Warp FTL.

The Galactic UN has warned the Veenoy Dominion that its actions were "thoughtless" and may contravene galactic law.

It is believed this is in reference to Articles 5 and 401,521b of the Galactic Charter on Diplomacy, which respectively state that technologies can only be traded by proxy in the form of research agreements, and that outlandish technologically backwater vassals are forbidden from being outlandish.

Following the press conference, several neighbouring empires have declared the Veenoy their rivals and are considering forming a coalition in protest of "grave crimes against the galaxy" as one senior Hudaarian emissary is quoted to Xenonion.

A Veenoy reporter at the press conference tried to justify the dominion's actions, stating his government thought it would make sense for two allied nations to share forms of transport. High Chief Weeal retorted "there's a difference between allies and vassals" before jumping into the audience and bludgeoning the reporter to death, to the cheers of the frenzied press attaché.

Unverified reports are now filtering through that Veenoy civilians on their capitol of Veenoia are being evacuated off-world by slow moving warp transports.

> More accurate reporting from Heuknaize could not be possible.