Icheon II braced for powerful Void Cloud Wrex storm

Watch Live: Xenonion SpaceWeather EyeStream coverage of Void Cloud Wrex.

Watch Live: Xenonion SpaceWeather EyeStream coverage of Void Cloud Wrex.

Icheon II, Icheon, Thelmar Union

Void Cloud Wrex is continuing to tear a deadly path through the Icheon system, and is now on track to strike Thelmar Union's newest colony, Icheon II.

The vulnerable planetary settlement is bracing for the arrival of what so far has been the galaxy's most deadly solitary Void Cloud in history, which has already left 15,000 dead after striking several space mining platforms close to the system core.

Feeding off ample electromagnetic energy from Icheon's neutron star, Wrex has strengthened to a Category 25 storm and is predicted to make planetfall on Icheon II this Tuesday morning.

The Space Weather Advisory Governance (SWAG) has warned Wrex will likely have an "apocalyptic" impact on the planet, with magnetic pulse surges destroying all electronics, and deadly cloud lightning storms penetrating the atmosphere.

Late on Sunday night Thelmar officials issued a mandatory evacuation order for Icheon II's 3.3 million colonists, however efforts have been hampered as the fanatic egalitarian species strictly forbids resettlement. The government has tried to circumvent this by hastily constructing visitor centres on neighbouring planets to increase migration attraction for Icheon II's residents, however some fear these efforts have come too late.

Another Void Cloud, Wreav has formed behind Wrex and is following a similar path, hampering relief efforts in some of the worst affected areas. SWAG has warned that if Wrex's movement slows, the Void Clouds may pair and become even more dangerous.

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