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‘Slight Snafu’ Incident Sparks Rise of #Cupitexit Movement

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Following last week’s ‘Snafu Incident’ coming to light on the galaxy’s newsfeeds, the Dev Cluster’s Cupitor Technocracy is now once again the reluctant main character of galactic affairs.

A previously avid member of the federation headed by the humans of the UNG, the Cupitori state is now home to the new grassroots movement known as #Cupitexit, whose stated goal is to lobby for leaving said Federation and ending the war on The Dredge.

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Quite out of character for the typical introvert Cupitori, the leaders of the #Cupitexit movement are riling up emotions on the capital planet of the Technocracy by taking to social media.

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Kan Pisk, spokescupitori for the movement told Xenonion News:

“The 'Slight Snafu' incident showed us what happens when we outsource our independence. End the war - leave the UNG! #Cupitexit NOW!”

Despite overwhelming evidence of the contrary, the ever tight-lipped government officials of the Cupitor Technocracy refuse to comment on the movement other than by firmly denying its very existence.

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Councilcupitori Pi Kesklek told Xenonion News:

“It is a figment of imagination cooked up by sensationalist plantoid yellow press, and it is below the dignity of the Science Directorate to comment further on the issue.”

Speculations in the galactic community run wild as to what the consequences would be if the ambitions of the movement come to fruition.

Some experts argue that it would expose the relatively small and unprepared civilization to bloodthirsty neighbours such as the Bruggan Raiders and the Union of Supreme Synthetic Republics.

Others believe it will allow the Technocracy to open up previously unavailable trade routes and alliances with empires closer to both their borders and beliefs.

The shouting match continues and time will tell if the Cupitori choose to either isolate themselves, or be part of the galactic community. However, one thing is for sure: galactic affairs have never been this exciting!

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Cupitori Scientist Causes Slight Snafu

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The Cupitor Technocracy, a peaceful technocratic oligarchy in the Dev region of the Galaxy, today announced that for the past few years an experimental AI dubbed “The Mind” has been in control of 99.12% of the essential government systems directing everything from the state economy, to diplomatic communications and the armed forces.

The scientist responsible for the unleashing of the “The Mind” software, famous recombinant memetician Ki Kaskan, has been relieved of his duties until further notice.

Mr. Kaskan told Xenonion News:

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“It was an honest mistake, I was in the middle of enjoying a break after a long night of coding, when I splashed some coffee on the keyboard and accidentally hit the ‘upload’ button.”

Government officials of the famously introvert Cupitori people deemed it best to keep quiet about the mishap, as one government official who wished to remain anonymous, Ki Kesklek, told Xenonion News:

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“It would just cause a big ruckus [if we] would try to explain the implications of the take-over to the rest of the galactic community.”

The honest mistake did however cause major ramifications to both the Cupitori state and its neighbours when the apparently bloodthirsty AI voted yes in the Galactic Council to war on The Dredge civilization. Secretary of State Vesk Iman told our news team:

“We would never have voted yes to open conflict had we been in control. We Cupitori firmly believe in upholding the peace, and staying away from such… adventures.”

Other consequences of the accidental upload include opening the borders to the notorious crime syndicate ‘The Family’, the colonization of the worthless Tomb World of Ter Vosk and completely redesigning the economy to focus on military build-up instead of research institutes.

Control of the Cupitori governmental systems have however finally been re-established and the leaders are now lobbying to end the bloody war with The Dredge.

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