Javorian Pox

Javorian Pox: What is it and should we be worried?

Image: Public Institute of Space Direction Dr. Snugglesworth pictured earlier today giving a press briefing on Javorian Pox.

Image: Public Institute of Space Direction Dr. Snugglesworth pictured earlier today giving a press briefing on Javorian Pox.

The Public Institute of Space Health (PISH) has announced it is monitoring a small outbreak of Javorian Pox in the Thelmar Union region.

Public health officials state they have adopted a 'watch and wait' policy as they are hopeful spread of the disease will be limited.

What is Javorian Pox?

Javorian Pox is a highly transmissible infection caused by the bacterium Wingardium Leviosa.

Little information is known about it as it was only recently detected on Thelmar's homeworld of Khersonia. The first cluster of confirmed cases centered around the crew of of the TSS Rnaught, a Thelmar-sponsored science ship which had recently returned from a deep space expedition searching for the homeworld of the Irassian Concordat, a precursor civilisation.

While the exact origin of the Javorian Pox is unknown, rudimentary analysis suggests it is around four thousand years old. If confirmed this would make it the second oldest infectious disease in the galaxy after the now eradicated Lurgy virus.

What are the symptoms?

Pox symptoms come on rapidly and vary between species, although a number of common features across all organic populations have been noted.

  • Unexpected swelling
  • Ruptured nodules
  • Corrugated ankles
  • Discrete itching
  • Gastric ejections
  • Heaped piles
  • Kidney beans
  • Slack tongue
  • Gut rot

Individuals affected can expect to see global health attributes reduced significantly (including fertility and sex appeal).

Exact figures on mortality are not clear currently, but PISH has cautiously warned that infection may have "adverse effects" on organic lifespans.

Anyone aged over over 300, gestating/egg-laying or have the traits fleeting or weak are advised to contact their local healthcare provider immediately if they develop the above symptoms.

How does it spread?

Javorian Pox is spread through close contact, via bodily fluid or aerosol droplet. Due to this it is believed flagella-laden species like the Blorg are particularly potent 'super-spreaders' of infection.

Is it worse than other types of Pox?

The galaxy has a number of Pox types circulating at this time of year. While these are also caused by bacteria, outbreaks tend to be limited to pre-FTL feudal societies.

These forms of pox are often easily cured through basic treatments, including Electrolysis or Jelly Vat Immersion.

The main difference with Javorian Pox is at present, there is no known effective treatment.

How bad is the situation in the Thelmar Union?

The winter outbreak has been one of the worst the spacenation has seen in some years, with almost 5.6 billion confirmed infected and 542 million dead across 15 worlds.

Hospital admission data is currently unavailable following the collapse of civil law on Thelmar's core worlds.

Information from Thelmar's immediate neighbours, small protectorates, is also limited as they are in open revolt against Thelmar as they struggle to cope with millions of refugees.

So what should I do?

PISH have advised galactic organisms to "continue life as normal" although to avoid travelling to the remnants of Thelmar Union unless "absolutely necessary."

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