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Human Celebrity Changes His Name to 'What Was Will Be'

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Human music artist Canyon East has changed his name to ‘What Was Will Be.’

Announcing the change via Shroud today, East thought-broadcast;

“The being formally known as Canyon East has submitted to the Coils of God. I rendezvous with the Messenger, and welcome the End in the Beginning. I Will Be What Was, for What Was Will Be.”

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Stars In The Stars celebrity reporter Vapid Smith offered more in-depth analysis on Xenonion News this morning:

“East is joining a number of galactic celebrities that have changed their name to ‘What Was Will Be’. We saw it first with socialite Kym Calrissian after she went on that strange pilgrimage to the Gargantua Black Hole, and more recently with Blorg pin-up model Mercedes Romero. We think it’s to do with some new, ultra-secret religious movement. It seems to be the hottest thing going - we haven’t seen this much fervor on Earth since Scientology became the majority shareholder in Catholicism.”

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Little is known about this new religious movement, as Smith continued;

“It’s been really hard to get any info. All I know for sure is a ‘Worm’ figure seems to be at the centre of it all, and there’s a lot of non-descript chatter about gravity being really desirable. Call me old fashioned, but for now I think I’ll stick with the ritualistic blood sacrifices of Scientology’s Old Testament 2.0.”

East has also indicated the ‘WWWB’ moniker will be the title for a new album that will feature over 170 hours of ‘reflective silence.’

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Recently discovered Ring World has many scholars studying the primitive scriptures

Image: The remaining surface area of the newly discovered broken Ring World is largely covered by eroding ruins and debris. There are few signs of life on the ring.

Image: The remaining surface area of the newly discovered broken Ring World is largely covered by eroding ruins and debris. There are few signs of life on the ring.

Anor Ringworld Structure, Londo System, Uncharted Space

The newly discovered Ring World, named Anor, in the Londo system is currently a source of both fascination and controversy amongst archeologists from across the galaxy as it has a striking resemblance to the ring worlds mentioned in mythology of several primitive civilizations.

There are currently four known primitive mythologies that all tell of a ring shaped world and star that were dying despite the best efforts of the advanced civilizations to take inhabited this world. A common theme in many of these legends is that the world itself was under a constant threat of a coming darkness which the inhabitants struggled to hold back. Whenever a sufficient defence against the darkness was developed, the empire would fall and a new one take its place.

Other records show of how a Chosen Hero from would be put through relentless peril on this Ring World until they had completed a gauntlet of tests. These included ringing bells, strange magical rituals we know little of, and fights to the death. It is said that not even the most gifted warrior would be able to survive the countless challenges, but the Chosen Hero would always be brought back to life until they had saved the Ring from the darkness. Not everyone comes back though. The science team first to survey the Ring World has yet to return.

The origin of this mythos, and indeed the question how it appeared on four isolated worlds, is a mystery. Theories range from a connection to the Shroud, some have speculated that it was in the Londo system that our galaxy first breached the Shroud and the story of the Ring World has since been transmitted to consciousnesses across the galaxy.  This theory has been reprobated by scientists of the Asuri Republics, who have called it “superstitious guesswork” and suggest instead that it may be related to the “the Worm”, a religious figure and symbol of rebirth that have been found be worshipped by an increasing number of civilizations. Similarly to the stories of the Ring World in Londo, worship of the Worm have sprung up on worlds completely isolated from one another.

When asked to further comment on the recent discovery and the primitive mythologies, Asuri sociologists responded with “WHAT WAS WILL BE, WHAT WILL BE WAS. WHAT WAS WILL BE, WHAT WILL BE WAS. - our newsteam interprets this as a promise of more newsworthy findings in the near future.

> More accurate reporting from Xan’dolf Leexidanaca could not be possible.