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Xenonion News is an award winning pan-galactic news organization, and Stellaris' most trusted news source - according to four of the five arthopods we nerve stapled.

Founded in 2251 following a questionable merger between several trans-stellar broadcasting corporations, Xenonion News has emerged as the galaxy's largest news provider.

Currently Xenonion is syndicated across 19 trillion systems, serving over 900 billion species. It is broadcast in 846 million languages, as was the first news provider to provide services in binary and arthopod clicking.

Xenonion primarily broadcasts from the ISS Xenonion Citadel Space Station via a network of orbital mind control satellites. And with news bureaus on every major planet, and aboard its roving news Titan-class starship, the news team is never far from the action.

In May 2251 Xenonion News was bestowed The Literary Award by the Galactic UN for its efforts in promoting fair and impartial news.

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Ashley easterbrook

Award winning journalist, former president of the Blorg Commonality and runner up in season one of ‘Blorg’s Next Top Fungoid’, Ashley Easterbrook joined Xenonion in 2111 as chief political correspondent.

Aged 160, Ashley’s sturdy flagella bring decades of experience and tasty tacos to the news team.


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Xan’dolf Leexidanaca

Xan’dolf Leexidanaca hails from the Xenda’ar home planet of “Sands of the Prophet.” A desert planet that held no life on it until the appearance of his species. Unknown as to how they came to be on such a desolate world, the Xenda'ar believe that they were placed there by a divine being that wished for them to succeed in all aspects of the galaxy.

Xan’dolf exemplifies this in his pursuit of the facts in all matters. He searches for the truth, and wants to make sure that his readers are informed of events going on in the galaxy. He also has a little bit of a dark side, but tries to hide it as he must keep his journalistic integrity and premium Xenonion dental plan.

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Erik Akselsen

Hailing from Scyldaron, Erik has held a passion for megascale engineering since he was a pup.

As the technical lead for Xenonion, Erik manages and maintains the orbital mind control laser arrays that are critical to the smooth dissemination of truth throughout the galaxy.

He also oversees the use of seventeen planetary computers which, in addition to providing high-speed Shroud connections to the local cluster, collate and translate news into all forms of galactic vernacular.

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Like most Hystroconians, Heuknaize is driven by a deep fascination of all living beings and a wish to learn about them.

Through his journalism he hopes to pass this interest on to other species across the galaxy. At times, he might even "spice up" some of the facts to spark more interest among the readers.

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Seevah Gunnar

Since he was but a sprout on his home system of Vega, Mr. Gunnar has always been amazed by alien cultures and enjoyed travelling to other planets.

As a result, he works as one of Xenonion's photographers, journeying far and wide to document current galactic events through the lens of his prized Cannon optical recorder.

He often refers to his granddad, the legendary musician Joal Fleenstoan, as his greatest inspiration.

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Spagruum Yu’ll

Spagruum began his life in rich, fertile soil on the relatively-unknown gaia world Green Thumb. He was forced off his planet as a refugee after the poor growing season now known to the species as the Late Frost of 2090.

After working for much of his career as a freelance journalist, he joined the Xenonion team after collaborating with them on a number of stories.

Spagruum is fascinated by the study of xenoism. He enjoys watching hockey, travelling, intragalactic politics and indirect sunlight.


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