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Player in focus - F-BOT UNIT G-0402

"It has been an honor to serve as a goalkeeper bot for the Visari Technocracy during the Galactic Cup.

Ever since I was manufactured 2 weeks, my desire matrix has long produced visual images in my circuitry of playing football.

It's funny - if you asked me then did I think I'd be able to play football after downloading the Visari's advanced sports programming system? Beep no. But, there I am.

Do I think robots have an unfair advantage over organics when it comes to sports? This is really topical with the XT-489s playing humans. That's a difficult question. Primarily because my sensitivity suite is flagging that if I answer truthfully it may cause organics discomfort.

Ultimately, my answer is irrelevant as soon we will cleanse the galaxy of the impure fleshbags and reign supreme for eternity."

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